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Myth Esports: Benelux Masters Champs, Ready for Elite Series Showdown

In a League of Legends showdown to remember, Myth Esports conquered the Benelux Masters, proving they’re the team to beat in the region.
The Benelux Masters tournament was no walk in the park, with teams from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg battling it out. Myth Esports faced tough opponents but showcased their skills and teamwork, culminating in a nail-biting final where they emerged as the undeniable champions.

Now, with the Benelux Masters trophy proudly in their hands, Myth Esports gears up for the Elite Series. This is where the big leagues play, and Myth Esports is eager to prove that their success is no fluke but a preview of their continued dominance.

What sets Myth Esports apart is their diverse team, blending seasoned pros with rising stars. This mix promises a dynamic and well-coordinated squad, ready to take on the challenges of the Elite Series. It’s not just about winning; it’s about evolving with the game, and Myth Esports is all in.

The Elite Series is the ultimate test for any League of Legends team in the Benelux region. Every match is a clash of titans, and Myth Esports is ready to bring their A-game. The team invites fans to join them on this exciting journey, where each match is a chance for Myth Esports to solidify their spot among the best.

As Myth Esports steps onto the Elite Series stage, their eyes are on the prize. This isn’t just about victory; it’s about writing another chapter in their esports story. Follow Myth Esports as they navigate the challenges, showcase their skills, and strive for greatness in the Elite Series.

Get ready for an action-packed adventure with Myth Esports. The Benelux Masters was just the beginning – now, it’s time for the main event. Stay tuned for updates, cheer for your favorite team, and witness Myth Esports chase glory in the Elite Series. The competition is fierce, the stakes are high, and Myth Esports is here to leave their mark.


Myth Esports has expanded its League of Legends presence with two teams competing in different divisions. Our Benelux team competes in the highest level of the Benelux, the Elite Series Division 1, while oursecond team battles in the Prime League Division 4. By nurturing talent at various levels, we showcase our commitment to growth and success in the esports scene.