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About Us


Myth Esports has been established in 2021 in The Netherlands. From the beginning Myth has been developed to create a professional environment for individuals to get experience in the esports scene. Myth participates in a variety of esports games, as well as having multiple teams per game. All content is being produced and made in English because even though Myth is located in the Netherlands, there are still a lot of international players/staff as well as fans. The people in the organization have 3 things in common: they are opportunistic, dedicated and eager to communicate. We as an organization strive to bring opportunity to young, ambitious talented individuals.


We have all been there, starting somewhere. Myth wants to give those inexperienced employees the chance to prove what they can contribute to their projects.

In the esports scene it is very hard to start at a professional organization. This is why Myth doesn’t turn away people because of a lack of experience. Myth wants them to grow and learn from their more experienced people, by listening to each other‘s opinions and making each employee’s opinion matter when a decision has to be made. We truly believe that confronting and sharing points of view makes for a great opportunity for the organization and its people to grow.


For Myth communication is key. Myth always makes sure that everyone communicates with each other and keeps each other updated on shared projects. 

Myth believes that the best way of sharing thoughts is through voice meetings, rather than texting, so that everyone can feel each other’s emotion while confronting.

In order to reach their goals, Myth’s staff organizes regular meetings and brainstorming moments, so that everyone stays updated on the state of projects and can propose new ideas.


All of Myth’s employees are expected to work hard for their goals. Most of their goals are shared by multiple people, that is why it is important to not let others down as well. If everyone is motivated and work hard for each other, they can make sure they can dream big and achieve big things as a team and a family.


We are always looking for people to join our Myth family! Whether you are a potential sponsor, esports fan, potential player or staff member. We are looking for you! If you have a request for Myth you can always send an email to or join our discord at .

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