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About Us


Myth Esports is committed to the mission of uplifting competitive gaming and esports through a dedication to excellence, inclusivity, and innovation. We aspire to serve as an inspiration and driving force in the ever-changing world of esports, nurturing a community where individuals from all backgrounds can achieve their full potential and come together in their passion for gaming.


We envision a future where esports and competitive gaming are universally recognized as a legitimateand respected form of entertainment and sport. We aim to lead this transformation by setting new standards of professionalism, integrity, and entertainment within the esports industry. Together, with our dedicated players, teams, partners, and fans, we are forging a new myth in esports– one that transcends the boundaries of possibility and realizes the dreams of gamers across the globe.


The community plays a huge role in any organization. These people will follow your content, matches and events. Your fanbase is the heart of any organisation.

One goal for Myth is to provide their community with the best content from their content creators and entertain them with the best of quality. In the future Myth will also be working on making events, meet new potential friends and have a good time.

When our teams participate in LAN events, they want to gather as many community members/fans as possible to support their team in the event. Right now, Myth has a good foundation with their Discord being set up in a good and efficient way and we’re actively looking for more members to join.


Education is a very important plan for everyone in the community. Educating the new generation as well as their parents in what esports is, can be very determining in creating new talent for the future. A lot of parents teach their kids that gaming is bad and it is a waste of time, while ignoring all of the positive sides of it, such as socializing, healthy competition and environments that push you to try harder on your dreams, both inside and outside of the game.

Being able to teach kids these things will make them understand what this world is about and what it takes to reach this level. This can be done through giving guest classes at schools and showing them more about Myth and the world of esports. In addition we would also like to teach the children, our players and staff about the possible negative side-effects of gaming by emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle next to our online activities. This section will contain information about topics such as getting enough exercise, good nutrition and fresh air but will also teach about the importance of a good mental health in regarding to stress and anxiety. At Myth we are a accredited work placement company, to be able to support, educate and develop the talent in our region.


We are always looking for people to join our Myth family! Whether you are a potential sponsor, esports fan, potential player or staff member. We are looking for you! If you have a request for Myth you can always send an email to or join our discord at .