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Boom Energy

What is Boom Energy?

Boom Energy is a product that gives you energy and focus boosts during daily activities such as work, gaming or sports. Looking for more focus and energy without experiencing an energy crash? We have got just what you need.

Our healthy energy drink, packed with essential vitamins and minerals to give you the boost you need without the crash. Our unique blend of natural ingredients provide sustained energy throughout the day. You can feel good about fueling your body with our delicious and energizing drink. So whether you’re hitting the gym, studying for a big exam, or gaming, our healthy energy drink has got you covered. Try it today and feel the difference

Why Boom Energy?

Out of passion for gaming, we have carefully developed Boom Energy so that you get more energy and focus with gaming or at work. We want your results to be improved. Boom Energy contains a vitamin complex to keep your body functioning optimally and Nootropic Aminos to sharpen the mind. Our formula is an advanced, innovative and powerful energizing drink. Above all, our energy drink is known for its incredibly tasty taste! Our gaming energy contains caffeine, taurine and the amount of vitamins you need every day. Very important: Our formula contains no sugars but has the pure taste of raspberry and black currant or tropical fruit.

Who and what is Boom Energy

We have the mission to create a healthy, most effective gaming energy formula for gamers with the important point being the taste. We think it is very important that the taste should be good and that you can easily drink our energy drink. We start with 2 flavors tropical and raspberry and blackcurrant. Our vision is to be able to expand our Boom energy flavor range to multiple flavors and products.